Content №94 (2015)


2015 № 94


Part 1. Electricity and еlectrical equipment



Sinchuk O.N., Likarenko A.G.,  Petrichenko A.A. 

Research of protective characteristics of the device protection against leakage mine at a constant control current in a destabilizing factors combining networks


Kulik B.I. 

Reactive power management in existing electrical systems based on function-regional relations between the parameters of the regime


Papaika Yu.A., Berkovskiy O.V. 

Analysis nonsinusoidality voltage in power systems LTD MH "Dniprostal" in the work of a powerful electric arc furnace


Khіlov V.S.,  Fofanov K.P., Nosanenko E.V. 

Investigation of the possibilities of using information and measuring system to determine the components of the insulation resistance of the cable network


Sichenko V.G. 

The impact of energy processes in power systems, traction power supply on the quality of electricity


Nikolaenko Yu.O., Byalobrzheskiy A.V. 

The structure of the automatic control compensating devices in the DC link of frequency-controlled induction motor traction


Bosiy D.O. 

The use of instant characteristics to the analysis of electromagnetic processes in the AC Traction Power Supply


Boynіk A.B., Prilipko A.A., Prilipko A.A. 

Expanding the functionality of a complete diagnosis devices of railway automatics


Kostin N.A., Sheykina O.G. 

Signs of an inactive power systems, electric vehicles DC



Part II. Аutomation of production processes



Doronіna M.A.

Improving the accuracy of measurements in the presence of perturbation wave structure by constructing an optimal observer


Chernetskiy E.V., Oleynik O.Yu., Fursa O.A., Leshchenko E.V. 

Solution of problems of building automation systems using a software simulation of technological processes


Boroday V.A., Kovalev А.R., Cherednik V.A. 

Simulation of pulse-phase converter control device


Slesarev V.V., Mirgorodskiy A.V. 

Identifying routes rescuers in workings mines during liquidation of accidents






Part III. Mining electro-mechanics


Monya A.G. 

Comparative mathematical analysis braking mine locomotive at constant and pulsating brake moments


Ziborov K., Fedoriachenko S., Mesheryakov L. 

Calculation algorithm of tractive properties and safety factor of mine sectional locomotive 


Vinogradov B.V., Khristenko A.V. Fedin D.A. 

Features dynamic equivalent circuit of two-motor tumbling mills drives


Byalobrzheskiy A.V., Slobodenyuk D.V. 

The use of capacitive accumulation device in the circuit excitation synchronous motor


Il'ina S.S. 

Research parameters rigidity reinforcements of existing ore-trunks


Samusya S.V., Komissarov Yu.A., Fedoryachenko D.A., Vinichenko A.V. 

A mathematical model of the dynamics of mobile elevating installation with the safety brake


Panchenko V.I., Kirichenko M.S., Fedorov S.I. 

Mass-dimensional characteristics of wind-driven powerplants with horizontal axis of rotation of wind wheel


Radchenko V.V. 

Electro Hydro Dynamic operating hydroelectric component of the HPS





Aziukovskyi A.A., Tsyplenkov D.V. 

Forming the current of underground metal pipelines by the high-frequency components of cathodic stations output signal 


D'yachenko V.V. 

Algorithm formation of energy-efficient power grid industry


Trifonov D.V, Koval'ov A.R., Kumpіn O.O. 

Increased energy efficiency in mine production systems


Cherednik N.G., Byalobrzheskiy A.V.

Research mode synchronous generator CHP in the system of electric supply small industrial enterprises


Rogoza M.V., Papaika Yu.A.,  Lysenko A.G. 

Estimation of electromagnetic compatibility of traction converters for mine transport


Golinko V.I., Pustovoy D.S. 

Energy efficient charging method aerosols when cleaning the air flow from the highly dispersed dust



Innovation and technology


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