Content №93 (2014)


2015 № 93



Part 1. Electricity and еlectrical equipment



Sinchuk O., Guzov E., Sinchuk I., Yakimets S., Chernaja V. 

Methods sans sensors control of some parameters and some other electric electrified species mine transport 


Sichenko V.G. 

The quality of the voltage at the connection of the AC traction substations DC


Kuznetsov V.V. 

Synthesis and verification of the adequacy of the thermal model of the induction motor, operating in a network with poor quality electricity


Chornaja V., Khankyshyieva M., Chornij V. 

Justification for the requested of a parameters monitoring system for traction electric drive of mine electric locomotives 


Danilov O.A. 

Timing measurements DC microprocessor protection feeders electrified transportation



Shkrabets F.P., Kuvaev, Yu.V., Ostapchuk A.V. 

Support of operating voltage through a system of longitudinal compensation


Bosiy D.O. 

Methods of calculating the of the optimal capacity reactive power compensation DC traction substations




Doronina M.A. 

Features electromagnetic field simulation using numerical methods




Matusevich А.А., Mіronov D.V. 

Mathematical model of risk analysis equipment technical state power traction substations



Shkrabets F.P., Krasovskiy P.Yu. 

Calculation of power losses in overhead transmission lines, taking into account lifetime




Part II. Аutomation of production processes



Matsyuk S.M., Udovik I.M., Kornienko V.I. 

Synthesis of adaptive optimal control in the information system management process lumpy ore crushing




Glukhova N.V. 

Automated processing of the measurement parameters of gas discharge glow of mine water





Bublіkov A.V. 

Calculation and study of automatic control mode extractive combine stabilize the electric motor power cutting.





Trubitsin M.N. 

Analysis of the obtained solution of the problem by balancing the amplitudes monoplanar




Milykh M.M., Snezhko E.M., Timchenko I.V., Chernetchenko D.V. 

Implementation of transformation algorithms ADM - PCM automation systems and data transmission




Slesarev V.V., Mirgorodskiy A.V. 

Identification of fuzzy systems manageability costs of air in underground mines




Part III. Mining electro-mechanics



Kurys L., Bialobrzeskyi O. 

Energy processes in the system of controlled storage condenser – DC motor 




Панченко В.І., Ципленков Д.В., Леонова М.О. 

Аналіз конструкцій індукторних генераторів 




Rukhlov A.V., Koshevoy D.O. 

Development of algorithm simulation modes skip the elevator installation




Panchenko V.I.,  Fedorov S.I. 

Analysis of linear electric generators’ structures 





Novitskiy А.V. 

Evaluating the effectiveness of magnetic rail loader using different types of magnetic blocks





Koptovets A.N. 

Mathematical modeling of vibration loading drum-wheel brake





Zіborov K.A., Plakhotnіk V.V., Mar'yenko V.M. 

On the issue of the rotor mine main ventilation fan in conditions of misalignment of bearings




Zіborov K.A., Vanzha G.K., Povolotskaya Yu.V.

Improving the construction reference node load-centering roller bearing stationary conveyor belt




Part IV. Energy conservation vs. energy efficiency



Semenenko Ye.V., Ruban V.D., Podolyak K.K., Nykyforova N.A. 

Substantiation of particle-size distribution of solid phase of structured suspensions on the basis of self-oscillating conception of materials failure




Grebenyuk A.N. 

Methods accumulation of alternative sources of energy




Samoylenko A.A., Tsyplenkov D.V. 

Active protection system driver blinding from oncoming traffic





Razumnyy Yu.T., Zaika V.T., Prokuda V.N. 

Determination of the main conveyor transport efficiency by recognizing the values minute quantities of coal stream




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