Content №91 (2013)


2013 № 91



Part 1. Electricity and еlectrical equipment



Shavelkin A. A.

Using the three-level inverter topology in active rectifier voltage and filters




Kachalka V.Yu., Byalobrzheskiy A.V.

Investigation of the effect on the quality of electric energy and the control parameters of the method of single-phase active filter



Ostapchuk A.V., Shevchenko V.O., Kozichik S.V.

Study of the possibilities of digital relay protection on the basis of specialized stand




Shavelkin A.A., Miroshnik D.M., Bozhko V.V.

Experimental determination of modulation of energy losses in asynchronous motor




Belukhin D.S. 

Analysis of options for circuit solutions of electric traction drive with intermediate high frequency




Rukhlov A.V., Koshevoy D.O. 

The actual electrical load skip lift systems mines




Azyukovskiy A.A.

Formation of the high frequency inverter rectifier protective potential of underground steel pipeline





Golovchenko A.S. 

Methodological features of teaching "Electrical technical  materials" and "Study of electrical materials"




Part II. Аutomation of production processes



Khorolsky V.P., Khotskina V.B., Khorolskaya T.V. 

Intelligent system management of complex technological enrichment of iron ore





Faris Samir Rasmi Alkhori

The system of automatic control the degree of loading ore crushing mill wet well





Dolgova T.I., Ikonnikov M.Yu.

Assessment of working conditions of users of mobile terminals electromagnetic radiation




Bakutin A.V. 

Optimal speed controller with predetermined difficulty 





Dudko M.A., Trofimov A.V., Saricheva G.I., Petrova Yu.V., Verner I.V. 

The methods and algorithms for optimizing storage parameters database objects




Radchenko V.V. 

Lagless deviation measurement process variables



Part III. Mining electro-mechanics



Sinchuk O.M., Mykhailychenko D.A.

Study on the start-up of not salient-pole of synchronous engine 




Vinogradov B.V., Khristenko A.V., Fedin D.A.

Dynamic and static load synchronous twin-drum drive mills




Losina K., Yakimets S. 

Research of the power effectiveness of the traction electrotechnical complex motion trajectory realization in a trolleybus with peak motor efficiency 





Sukhonos T.Yu., Nikolaenko Yu.A., Byalobrzheskiy A.V. 

Simulation of abnormal operating conditions of the inverter-induction motor traction electrical complex dual-system electric locomotive




Byalobrzheskiy А.V., Slobodenyuk D.V 

The control system of dynamic modes excitation synchronous motor






Romashina V.V., Nekrasov A.V. 

Research of change operating parameters and characteristics of DC machines in the process of senescence




Sadovoy А.V., Osadchiy V.V. 

Regulated electric vibrating machines




Koptovets A.N., Korovyaka E.A., D'yachkov P.A., Yavorskaya V.V., Samusya S.V. 

Simulation of controlled motion mine trains





Taran I.A., Samusya S.V. 

Analysis of the effectiveness of mine diesel locomotives continuously variable transmission on the basis of hydraulic and electric machines




Part IV. Energy conservation vs. energy efficiency



Samusya V.I., Oksen Yu.I., Guk A.A., Zhukovskiy O.S.

Investigation of heat pump technology heat recovery ventilation output stream




Kіyko V.V. 

Monitoring the effectiveness of power consumption in systems distort




Kostin N.A., Sablin O.I., Sheykina O.G., Nikitenko A.V. 

Power factor of reactive power Trams




Ziborov K.A., Trubitsyn M.M., Loginova A.A.

Analysis of working process features and structures support assembly shock-centrifugal crushers with a vertical shaft of working body






Papaika Yu.A. 

Analysis of the components of the total power of electric resistance with thyristor control




Kachan Yu.G., Stepkin V.V., Liush Yu.B. 

Optimal control of the chamber for heating furnace energy-saving criterion




Popov A.V., Dudlya E.E. 

Technologies to increase the mechanical strength of the bases of constructions




Chernaja V.

Evaluation of actual and possible necessary-duty electric trains with permissible under heating conditions of traction motors 




Innovation and technology


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