Content №92 (2014)


2014 № 92


Part 1. Electricity and еlectrical equipment




Skorobogatova V.I., Kulik B.I. 

Estimation of electrical loads to the permissible heating of the electric systems, taking into account the reactive component


Razumnyy Yu.T. Rukhlov A.V., Kramarenko S.O.  

The energy indicators of modern coal mine hoisting units


Kuznetsov V.V.

On the influence of the harmonic content of the supply voltage on the energy performance of the induction motor and the choice of means for their increase 


Azyukovskiy A.A.

The protective potential of the underground metal pipe formed electrical system of electrochemical protection


Grebeniuk A.N. 

Safety cutout device while breaking aerial contact wire in traction networks 


Shkrabets F.P., Ostapchuk A.V., Kirichenko M.S. 

Assessment of the state of damage in electrical voltage above 1000 mining enterprises


Matusevich A.A. 

Improvement of diagnostics of power transformers traction substations of electrified railways


Dybrin S.V., Siverin I.S.

The components of the load of the traction converter station contactless transport


Shkrabets F.P., Ostapchuk А.V. 

Modern development principles of protection and diagnostics in mining facilities mains and distribution grids 









Part II. Аutomation of production processes



Kovshov G.N., Uzhelovskiy A. V. 

Development of a simulation model of controlling the orientation of the drill, with the influence of the temperature sensor error of its position in space


Koptovets A.N., Denishchenko A.V., Zil'  V.V., Yurchenko A.A. 

Ensuring security of displaced of drilling rigs


Faris Samir Rasmi Al'khori

Automatic analyzer  degree of loading ore ball mill for active power signal electric and magnetic separator mill


Semenenko E.V., Lapshin E.S., Kirichko S.N.

Defining the parameters of the card during storage reclamation enrichment waste with a concentration of pasta


Novitskiy I.V., Kostina O.I. 

The method of non-parametric identification of nonlinear dynamic objects


Bogushevskiy V. S., Zubova K. M. 

Fuzzy сontrol of the oxygen-converter process


Chernetskiy E.V., Tomilin E.M., Chichikalo N.I., Oleynik O.Yu, Chernaya E.S.

Testing of the thermal behavior of the model continuous furnace operation in the regulation of fuel supply


Bakutin A.V. 

Optimal speed regulator of the metal-cutting machine tool main drive 


Radchenko V.V. 

Forcing excitation and hydro-dynamics process transiional hydro generator




Part III. Mining electro-mechanics



Varchenko Yu.E., Mel'nik N.O., Avershin A.A., Bezruchko O.E. 

Industry-fixing trial locking device scraper conveyor with additional ratchet mechanism


Monya A.G. 

Sedation mine locomotive on a long slope when pulsating braking torque


Samoylenko A.A., Tsyplenkov D.V. 

Effective damping of oscillations in power systems, electromechanical branched hybrid vehicles mining industries


Panchenko V.I.,  Fedorov S.I., Sukhova V.V.

Efficiency of permanent magnet in electric generators with magnetoelectric excitation 


Samusya V.I., Kolosov D.L. 

Stress-strain state of the rope with boundless number of cables under load distributed tangent efforts


Koshelenko E.V., Bobrov A.V. 

On criteria for efficiency in the mathematical problem of calculating the efficiency of the electromechanical system "electric network - drive - compressor - pneumatic system"




Part IV. Energy conservation vs. energy efficiency



Vipanasenko S.I., Dreshpak N.S. 

Determination of the effectiveness of energy efficiency measures in power supply system of technological object


Ruban V.D., Podolyak K.K. 

Reducing the energy intensity of the preparation of structured suspensions by crushing of coal during transportation


Mashurka  S.V. 

Study of photovoltaic cells in terms of Dnipropetrovsk region


Chernaja V. 

Evaluation of actual and possible necessary-duty electric trains with permissible under heating conditions of traction motors 


Nikitenko A. V. 

Quality of electric energy recovered into electrified sections DC




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