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Обложка сборника    Scientific and technical collection 

Problems: electrification of mining operations; electrical equipment of the mining industry; electromechanics; mathematical modeling and automation of production processes and design works of the mining industry; control of technological processes; mechanization of mining production; mining machines and complexes; technical devices for mine aerology and labor protection; issues of energy saving and energy efficiency; scientific and industrial advertising.



Certificate of state registration 

 КВ № 7498 від 03.07.03

Professional registration in the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine 

 Addendum to the Resolution of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine dated 09.06.99 № 1-05 / 7 (technical sciences)

A branch of science: 

 Technical sciences


 2 times a year

Language of publication: 

 Ukrainian, Russian, English


 State University "National Mining University"

Year of foundation: 



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